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I have a natural flair for music composition and can provide you with some fast options. I offer composition and production, all styles and genres, arrangement, score, song writing and jingles, ring tones and earcons. What's an earcon?

Instruments: electronic drum kit (MIDI), percussion, guitar range (acoustic, bass, classical, electric, MIDI), keyboard (master MIDI).


Sound has a big impact on the overall effect of a production – a faulty recording, bad levels or timings, unnecessary background noises, and a simple lack of creative savvy can all have a negative impact on your production and audience.

Ask me more about: ambisonics (3D audio recording), dialogue editing, earcon development, foley, mixing and sound design.


Capturing the right sound on location is possibly the most crucial part of the sound production process and helps minimise post-production costs and stress. I spend a lot of time trying to fix audio that was recorded badly in the beginning. I’d prefer to do it right for you in the first instance.

Past projects include: ABC's The Checkout, Greater Bank, Hungry Jacks, OMO, QANTAS, St George Bank, Ten's The Living Room, Westpac, Youi, Google, AHM and more.

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