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Ronnie S. Riskalla - Director, How I Woke Up Dead

"I found Steve not only a total professional but a all-round great friendly guy who was super-easy to work with. Steve went above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommended and will definitely work with again. Thank you so much Steve for everything."


André Flament - Director, Sombrouge

"Steve is a great collaborator. He is attentive to details and indulges you in exploring 'other options' - even if they are completely crazy - before winding you back on track. I appreciated the freedom of creation working with Steve."


Quanith Ilahi - Director, Metanoia

"I had a great pleasure working with Steve. He has a deep passion and excitement for sound. He has done absolutely fantastic job on our short film 'Metanoia'. He worked his magic to fix some of the sound clips which were recorded poor and brought a significant change in the quality. He is very quick in his work and delivered the track ahead of deadline. I will surely recommend him to my friends."

Brendan Byrne - Director & Producer, Shadow Wolves
"Steve has been an absolute life saver on Post-production sound... I wish i had him on set from the start. He would have saved me a lot of headaches, and better quality sound."
Edward Inchbold - Writer, Director & Producer

"Steve is an incredibly hard working and talented composer, whose work pushes at the edges of the frame and brilliantly captures a world. Willing to experiment with his craft, he has taught me that sound is just as equal a component to the cinema as its images. Always dedicated and enthusiastic, Steve is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so again."

Nik Forster, Director, dandiprawn productions

"As a director I have worked with Steve on several occasions and have been impressed with his professionalism. He is not only a competent sound engineer, a talented musician and composer, but is also always fully committed to the task in hand, it’s fulfilment and in obtaining the best possible outcome. I was recently working with him on a musical project that required a stimulating and energetic composition, The result was most impressive. Highly recommended."

Hallie McKieg - Director, Filmbites Studio

"Steve de Souza was commissioned by us to provide music for an information documentary for International Children's Care. Steve's professionalism, his attention to the brief and his final submission, were truly impressive. He was a pleasure to work with at all times, and went above and beyond in providing us with the best possible piece. We had exceptional feedback from our clients on the music choice. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough and know any future clients or employers will be as impressed as we were."

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